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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I'm back in London now, after Christmas at home in Calgary. Christmas? Wasn't that a month ago? Yeah, well it took a a month of wrangling with paperwork, beauracracy and stupidity, for me to get my work permit. And then I needed to go to Ottawa to get my work permit visa -- yeah, they don't make it easy, do they? (Don't even ask me who "they" is/are, as I don't know.)

I'm exhausted from wandering Ottawa (pics to come) for two days straight (and walking in slushy snow is hard on the legs... or hard on my useless, atrophied legs, anyway); and from flying so far; and from jetlaggyness; and from waking up at 6am here-time, which is 11pm Calgary-time. Amazingly, I wasn't a total retard at work today, just a partial one.

Anyway. I've noticed this blog o' mine is improperly titled, given I'm no longer a student. While "A Canadian Worker in London" has a pleasingly communist feel to it, I think we can do better. And by "we," I mean "you."

So, give me some ideas. Winner gets um, a prize. Yeah, that's right. A surprise prize...


Blogger james said...

James' suggestions:

- European blog trip

- Tea and crumpits ... and blogging!

- The Kobie report

- A Canadian living in London, working for the time being until the Internet pops the journalism bubble and cruelly wrestles my livelihood from underneath me

or you can do what i did, and just not give it a name:

- james


Anonymous Uncle Peter said...

Some suggestions:

- Just a Handellsblatt girl

- Nicole Kobie, east of Calgary

- London Calling

- Nicole's euroblog

- A Canadian expat's journal


- Harper refugee in London

What do you think?


Blogger Ryan said...

Damn it... I'm in Ottawa now, we could've totally hung out.

Oh well, next time.


Blogger Nicole said...

Dude! You live in Ottawa? Since when?!?! What about the cottage!!?

Uh, I obviously need to catch up on your blog...



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