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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Google Maps!

I just noticed something very cool on Google Maps. I have no idea if it's new or if I just never paid attention before. It's the satellite function... so you can type in the address, but then look at satellite photos the address. (And, even more functional, combine a street map and a satellite photo, so you really know where you're going.)

Anyways. I've spent the past half-hour looking at where I live, where I used to live, the racetrack I once worked at, where DarNat live... This is super cool. You can see the deck my dad at our old house build from space! Okay, it's a beige blob. But I know it's the deck...


Blogger Daorcey said...

That's what the international government cabal uses to track you from space. Wear a big hat so they can't tell the difference between you and a big hat.


Blogger Nat said...

You think that's creepy? When I worked at the city, they had a picture of every house in Calgary. A van would roll by and they would take photos. Occasionally, someone would cotton on and be in the photos. The city also has access to satellite photos that have a higher resolution. I could make out the skylight on my house in those ones.

I can tell these photos aren't recent as you can't see the garage we just built.

And it's an aluminum hat that keeps you safe from the government and aliens. Duh.


Blogger Ryan said...

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Blogger Ryan said...



Blogger Will said...

Good crack, but even better is Google Earth. If you haven't got it already, download immediately and waste the rest of your life playing with it.


Blogger Nicole said...

or Google Moon.

Or this, from Fark:



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