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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Canada Water Station

I love the tube, and could easily (and will likely) write exstensively on my adoration for it. Yes, it's way too expensive, and I'm sure it really does stink (in the actual sense of the word) in summer, but it's fast, easy and to be honest, fun.

One particular station, where I switch from the East London line to the Jubilee line (or vice versa), is called Canada Water. I've never been in the outside area surrounding the station, so I'm not sure what the name refers to, but I'll admit it's rather comforting.

Anyway, the wonderful thing about this station is not the name, nor that it's clean and actually rather safe feeling (tho, those are all wonderful things). Rather, there's someone who works there, in security, I'd imagine, who makes stops at the station hilarioius. I say he works in security, as he clearly has access to both the annoucement system and the closed circuit security cameras.

So far, I've heard and been told the following stories...

A few weeks back, after dropping Jolaine at her station, I made the trip back to New Cross via the tube, stopping at Canada Water. While standing at the platform, waiting for my train, I heard the following over the PA system:

It doesn't matter how fast you run in your striped rugby shirt, I still know you doubled up, you cheap little man.

A few days afterwards, while at the station, I told a friend the above story. She told me this: While walking to the right platform at Canada Water, she went past a few teenagers huddled in a corner, clearly doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. A few moments later, she heard the announcer say:

You young people, in the corner. I can see what you're doing. We've got CCTV everywhere, you know, so we can see everything you're doing. Everything. I'm just telling you this as I've called the police and thought you'd like to know.

A few minutes later, the announcer came back on, and said:

I wasn't kidding about the police. I've called them; they're coming. Run, damn it, run! Run!

Then, this past weekend, Ryan, myself, Anne and Genevieve were standing at the same platform, at the same station. We were drunk--or at least I was, after only 3 pints! I'm a lightweight!--and getting a little silly. Anne's a dancer, so to encourage her to show us her talents, we were dancing around the platform. Genevieve was taking pictures, of us and the station. Then, the announcer said:

There is no flash photography allowed in underground stations. Please refrain from taking any photos. Dancing, however, is allowed.

I'll keep this updated... I'm sure he'll make us laugh again...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! If other people hadn't heard this voice, I'd swear you were a nutbar. I want to just go to the station and hang out all day and listen for announcements now.




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