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Thursday, July 21, 2005

More crap.

There're reports right now of more bombs in London. They seem to have been largely unsuccesful, and no casualties are reported as of yet. Again--and keep in mind, this is two weeks after the last attacks--the bombs affected three tube stations and one bus.

The police are apparently chasing someone near one of the universities hospitals, so maybe they'll bust someone on this shit. They are, however, also investigating one of the sites in biohazard suits, or similar, apparently out of some fear of a chemical agent.

This isn't even being considered, according to BBC, a major incident by the police. But still. More crap is not a good thing. I have to admit, I was hoping--lulled into thinking, in just two weeks--that the bombs from two weeks ago would be a one-time event, that it'd be a while, at least, until something else happened.

Anyways. I'm fine. Was at New Statesman at the time, and am sticking around here I think until everything's cleared up.

Yesterday, I was really excited looking at places to live here. Now... I'm not saying I'm changing my mind. I'm not. But I'm much less excited about it all.


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