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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Vauxhall City Farm

Rather unbelievably, there are farms in London. Inside the city. I found one a close walk from my house, near Vauxhall in zone 1. Very central, people, very central.

Not my picture, and that's the Mi6
building in the background.
As in Bond, James Bond.

It's called Vauxhall City Farm and it has horses. Obviously, I'm all over that like Daorcey on a chesse ball, so I've started volunteering there once a week. It's not very hard work, to be honest, as there's only four horses -- I used to work with 15ish a day... but it's awesome to be around horses again. Makes me very, very giddy.

Anyways, I'll just be helping with general care, and in the lessons they give, most of which are for handicapped kids, which is nice. And, hopefully, I'll get to do a little riding... Woot!


Blogger Daorcey said...

Mmmm... cheeseball...

I'm making one for a party at my house this Saturday. I'm stoked!



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