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Saturday, September 23, 2006


The internet is really rather amazing. This may seem a stupid, obvious comment, but when you actually use it for communicating -- rather than killing time, looking up porn, planning frak parties -- it's really rather stunning what you can do.

My sister Amanda is pregnant. Last week, she went for an ultrasound, which was recorded. After some fiddling, my other sister Michelle uploaded two clips to Google Video and sent me the links. So while I'm thousands of miles away, missing out on one of the most important events in my sister's life, I can still see footage of the alien-looking thing growing inside her.

Which I happen to think is pretty freakin' cool. This would have been damn near impossible to do even ten years ago.

So here's the footage of the little alien...


That's four-months of baby right there, that is. The silly thing refused to move into a position where they could tell its gender, hence the non-gender specific pronoun.

We'll have to wait until February to find out if I have a niece or a nephew...

And despite the wonders of the interweb, I'm not sure even hightech communications technology is enough to keep me from feeling like I'm missing out when the little alien is finally born...

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Blogger fivefeetzero said...

My cousin just had a baby and she has hair on her ears. And all over her face, but still, her ears?!! That apart, she's a rocker. Babies are da shit. I'm quite looking forward to having one of the little fuggers for myself



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