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Monday, April 03, 2006

Not me.

I've found another Nicole Kobie. It was an extensive search, involving googling myself.

This now makes three. There's a teenaged American softball player and now this one, whose Xanga profile name is Sexinicole06. Fascinating. I know this is very Dave Gorman -- and I can't stand Dave Gorman -- but I find the idea of someone else with my name very intriguing, especially given the relative rareness of my surname.

Either way, Softball-Nicole and SexiNicole are doomed to live in my google shadow forever... Mwhahahah!


Blogger Daorcey said...

There will never be another me. Which makes it great for getting e-mail accounts.

Googling oneself always sounds worse than it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SexiNicole seems doesn't appear to be able to put a coherent sentence together.

When I Google myself, I get more references to my cousin who serves in the Canadian embassy in Washington.

Peter S.



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