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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Can it be? Is it spring? Well, there're a few key signs. One, it's warm. Not tropical, but I'm sweaty in my big tweed jacket. Two, it's raining. And here, that's a dead giveaway that it's either fall, winter or spring, or possibly summer. Three, the daffodils are sprouting:

Obviously not that spring-like, given the lack of leaves on the trees. But it was warm enough for me to wander through Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Park Gardens on Sunday. And this being me, I took photos.

I almost feel stupid taking photos constantly. I worry, irrationally, how I must look. Like a tourist. Like I'm bored. Like the scene before me is not enough to captivate me. Or like it's too much for me to handle, and I need to crop it down to understand what I'm seeing. Why can't I just sit and enjoy fountains and parks and whatnot? I try. I sit peacefully, taking it all in, but then I start thinking about how to frame a shot, and what words it could illustrate on this here blog, and I break down, and start snapping away. (Or more often, digitally capturing pixels of information... away).

Either way, you get pictures, such as this gem:

Lucky you. Baaa. More Pics are here.

For Anna's pictures of what you all been doing without me -- and, shame on you, you've been having fun. Without me! that's hardly allowed! I didn't think it possible! -- go here for Mary Birthday pics and James visit pics.


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