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Thursday, February 15, 2007

And he said: Let there be... interweb!

I'm writing this from my kitchen. That's right kids, the powers that be have FINALLY!1!! allowed the interwebs to be switched on at the flat.

It's only been four and a half months since I moved in here -- granted I was away mentally in November and physically in December. But even then: two and a half months of effort, just to get webbed up? Crazy shit these British people put up with, them and their stiff upper lips.

I suppose I should thank the good people at Orange -- um, thanks Will? -- my new favourite colour for internet provisions, as they're the only ones who could sort out our line (the internets still travel thru phone lines here -- how quaint!) and make it all happen.
Now, I need never spend another pence in internet cafes -- I can look up all the porn and Stephen Colbert clips (porn for the thinking woman) I want in the privacy of my own kitchen, which I'm sure my flatmates will love...


Blogger Will said...

No problem. Just give me a call if you have any technical problems.


Blogger Mary said...

Alas, Viacom's been pulling all the Colbert Report and Daily Show clips from YouTube and subsequently Google Video. You can watch them at the Comedy Central website, but there are ads and the video player's a bitch.


Blogger Nicole said...

video player seems to work well enough, but it'd be nice if they shuffled the ads now and then. And I miss the YouTube comments. But at least there's a good collection of TDS-CR tosses...



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