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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Quick post, as will not have time over next little while to post much (what with M/M/T visiting, and me moving, and finishing school shiznit.)

Work is good. started monday. It's not the most challenging/exciting job ever, but the people are very nice, and the hours are silly good. It's supposed to be 7-3, but Boss-man told me he never shows up til 7:30 (indeed, he didn't show til after 8 today) and if I need to leave early, ever, I can. I get, apparently, 5 weeks holiday a year. So yay.

Kinda odd, tho, working for a german company. My layout program (dont' get to do any real design work, sadly) is in german. As is my keyboard. So, for the layout prog., my keyboard is right. But working in Word, or say, typing a blog online, the keyboard is not right, as in the z and y are transposed (its a QWERTZ keyboard!) among other things. And, people call my phone speaking German, and I'm like, "um... yeah."

Other good side is the location... it's in Holborn circus, which is down the road from St Pauls, up the road from Fleet Street (not that a single paper is left there... even reuters has gone, but still...) and very close to lots of cool shit. It's nice being around cool, interesting buildings and being close to, well, everything here worth doing/seeing.

But, am tired. I know I'll get used to 7/7:30ish soon, but am not quite there yet... and I have to stay up late tonight to finish my paper (not due right away, but gotta get it doen before the visitors arrive...) Ha! Never done that before!


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