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Monday, January 17, 2005

Back in London

I tried to update this thing, oh, a few days ago, but my computer (Thanks Ben!) crapped out and I lost everything I typed. Which is a pity, as it was beautifully written prose--words to make your heart soar and your eyes weep, I tells ya.

Anyways, am back here in London, after my mostly uneventful 8hourish flight. The flight took off an hour late (we were already boarded... it took an hour to de-ice) but we "made up the time in the air," or so I was told. So... why can't they just go faster all the time? For future reference, folks of Air Canada, I would like it if you "went as fast as possible in the air." Thanks. While I'm making requests, I'd also appreciate it if you'd just give me the whole can of coke, thanks, and not just pour a third of it into my tiny plastic cup. That'd be great.

Flying into Heathrow, the sky over the city was bright blue, and filled with white puffy clouds (as opposed to the usual grey overcast) and crisscrossed with fading jet trails. After the hell-frozen-over that was Calgary, it was nice to find London sunny; it's already moved on to wet and dreary, but at least it had the decency to welcome me back warmly.

My flat is how I left it, excepting the pile of bills under my door (but who can argue with a £2 bill featuring 32 long-distance calls!) and my plants being dead. Oh yes. There's also the clothes scattered across my floor, as though a suitcase exploded, which, come to think of it, is pretty much what happened.

My classes started up again today. Shorthand is still at 8:30am, and I'm still not quite fluent in it. I am, however, doing better than the other Canadian, Dawn, who--we realized today--last made it to class in mid-October. I don't think she's getting the attendance award. We're studying feature writing this term, so thank god news writing is over. I need a story idea fast, tho, as I've got a mini-news-feature due Friday. Then, we had Political Economy of Mass Media, so naturally the class was a big Noam Chomsky wankoff. Uh. Well, this lecture was. The class seems to be mostly communications theory; I'm not sure where the "Political" or the "Economy" is going to come in. We'll see.

Otherwise, I've spent all of my time sleeping and looking up stuff for my trip to Paris in Feb with NatandDaorcey... And, as anyone who has ever travelled with me or even seen me plan trips can attest, I over plan. By the time Naorcey arrive, I'll have spent more time surfing online for Paris-details than we're actually planning to spend in the city...


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Naorcey? That's lame. I don't think you can combine our name like Bramandon.




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