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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Over the weekend, went to Dorset with Dan and Dan-friends. (It was a surprise celebration of Amir's and Paul's 30th birthdays, put on by their girlfriends, Nina and Tia.)

We stayed just by a town called Corfe Castle (which sets a new, possibly unbeatable, standard in quaintness) in a farmhouse setup -- that unlike most farmhouses featured a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and games room -- just outside the town. (For details, go here. I was in the Courtyard building, but we also had the Farmhouse.)

The Farmhouse

It was a James Bond-themed party, but I didn't really have a costume. So using construction paper, a bit of tape, some elastic and not much else, I became a fearsome shark! But not with a friggin laser on my head. (Some one else did that, tho.)

Shark, meet Sailor.

Sadly, as these people are not exactly into video games, there was no Goldeneye on N64 to be played. What kind of a Bond party doesn't involve multiplayer first-person shooters... shameful.

The rest of the weekend involved much sleeping, swimming and lazing about.

On Monday, we headed back to London, but with two detours. One in Pitton to say hi to Dan's parents and pick up an old computer of his. The first though, was to the New Forest, a national park... which is full of wild ponies. You can imagine my glee. It was excessive, to say the least. They were everywhere. Everywhere I looked, it was pony, pony, pony. And some of them were so tiny and fuzzy! So yes, I was acting like a six-year-old. But wouldn't you, if you saw this thing:


So the New Forest is now my new favouritest place ever in the whole wide world.

For more pictures, go here. But if plain old pictures aren't enough, here be some moving ones. Taken on the drive back, the one on the right is funny because I drop my camera at the end, thanks to Dan braking sharply to avoid a head-on collision on a skinny-as-a-supermodel road.


Blogger Nat said...

I imagine your glee to see ponies everywhere was comparable to mine upon seeing a giant mascot penguin and then actual penguins at the London Zoo.


Blogger Nicole said...

Dude, exactly. But imagine how you'd be if there were penguins for miles. Everywhere you looked!

Actually... even I would be excited by that... or scared.

But yeah, glee is def the right word. I've been walking around saying 'pony pony pony' since Monday. I think Dan might smack me, but you know what, I wouldn't blame him.



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