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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hotel Nicole, pt 6

Can I claim hotel-ness while staying at someone else's house? Maybe that should read Hotel Dan...

So yeah, my hostel-ity has continued, despite me being homeless. Mike Leung traveled thru London, and after missing a flight to Hamburg needed a place to stay for a night before heading off to Bangladesh. Well-traveled, that he is.

With such a quick stopover, all we had time for was pints in the evening and a good hearty english breakfast the following morning, before getting Leung back to Heathrow -- wouldn't want to miss the flight to Bangladesh, after all...

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Blogger Nat said...

That bastard! He said I could cut his hair but never followed up on his promise. But now he looks more Chinese with the buzz cut.


Blogger Nicole said...

yeah, I was disappointed by the hair...

Wasn't South supposed to cut your hair once?



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