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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Best. Emails. Ever.

Since this whole bombing thing started on the 7th, I've had a lot of emails in my inbox, usually featuring the phrases: "I heard about the bombs..." and "Are you okay?" It's nice to be cared about, so thanks.

Some of you, however, (especially lately) have gone above and beyond, and crafted some stunningly funny or poignant or clever emails. So good for you. The following are clipped from my favourite three from the past few weeks.

The first is from my wonderful uncle, Peter:
You sure are living in an interesting time (town). Diana and I would like to contribute to you a bicycle while you’re in London. What do you think?

I think it's a great idea, tho I'm not sure cycling in London is any safer (given the crowded roads and angry drivers) than exploding tubes... but then again, when I put it that way, I still might take them up on it...

Next one is from Natalie. It's not surprising to get a funny email from Nat (or a crazy, post-modern birthday card, either), but this one made me laugh outloud for several minutes, and then made me really miss Nat:
Heard about another round of bombing. Makes you think maybe there is a wizarding war on. Okay, too much Harry Potter.

And the last, one spectacular opening line from the inimitable Ken Clarke:
I read the news today, oh boy, Are you O.K?

Nicely done guys, nicely done.


For those of you have been counting (and I hope none of you have) this is my 100th post, according to Blogger. As I started this thing last August, that's (very) roughly an average of 2.3 posts per week, bumped up of course by weeks like this one when I post a lot.

Anyways, Happy Hundreth Post!


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