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Friday, June 23, 2006

London Oasis

During my quasi-lunch break, I wandered over to Clerkenwell Green -- which isn't at all green, but is in Clerkenwell -- to check out this art installation thing that's part of Architecture Week.

According to them, it is "a sensory experience... a striking kinetic, socially sustainable installation," which "draws on the traditional idea of an oasis to provide relaxation."


According to me, it is some crazy ass shit. It looks like an alien flower -- and they want you to sit in it. So I did. Pick a seat, pull down the pod-helmet thing, and in front of your eyes are three screens showing the kind of graphics that run on Windows Media Player. Ambient music plays in the background, and cool air blows onto the back of your neck -- the latter being the most relaxing bit, by far.

Have a seat...

Art? Architecture? Who knows. All I know, is if I were wandering a desert, hoping against all hope to come across a real oasis, and I found this alien thing, I'd throw a fit. But in London, on my lunch hour, it was pretty cool.


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