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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Stonehenge and Salisbury

Last Monday, Kate and I went to Stonehenge and Salisbury (and say it solsbury or something to that effect, or British people will mock you, and there ain'ts nothing worse than being mocked by some goofy toothed brit, let me tell you.)

Anyways. We took the train into Salisbury, and walked into the main part of town. The first three shops we noticed in the walk in were a pub, a sex store, and another sex store. Interesting, especially for a town whose main feature is a cathedral.

We wandered through town, and made our way to the Cathedral, easy to spot from it's tall spire. From the mid-1200s, it's a big freakin' church. Very pretty, with interesting architecture, and cool statuary, and most importantly, a wicked awesome front lawn to play frisbee on!

However, not a few minutes into our frisbeeing, this odd little security man comes over and says something to Kate. She doesn't quite get what he's saying, so he says: "This isn't a playground, y'know?!" Before ordering us to stop frisbeeing. So we left, walked maybe twenty steps down the road to the next patch of grass, and played there. And then... it rained.

Bloody hell. To escape the rain we went to a tea house, that was some famous/historical house, though I couldn't tell you why, even on pain of death. So let's hope that never comes up, eh?

Anyways, the interior is the same gaudy/expensive crap I'm almost getting sick of seeing, but out back was the prettiest garden. Think The Secret Garden from when you were a little girl (if you haven't been one, you may not quite get the reference). Gorgeous flowers in full bloom, tall stone walls all around, and in the centre, a croquet pitch, with people playing! As Kate said, jokingly, "how civilized." (Brits actually say that.)

So we had tea, very civilized and posh, in these very civilized and posh surroundings, before running off for lunch and to catch our bus to Stonehenge...

One of the things about Stonehenge that I didn't expect was that it's between two motorways (read: highways). It's very odd, these two streams of cars, breaking around the hill that the stones sit on. I'm not sure why that was allowed to happen, or if it's even a bad thing, but it's an odd site.

The bus drops tourists across the road from the site, and after paying and picking up our Audio Guides, Kate and I took the underground walkway to Stonehenge.

Tourists (such as ourselves) get to walk around the site, listening to the retarded (but better than nothing) audio tour, which has the most hilarious mocking tone, as though everything everyone thought they've ever known about the stones is not just wrong, but silly. And the sound effects rocked. Especially the ones about the Merlin myth.

After an hour wandering the loop around the stones, listening attentively, and taking oodles of photos, we finished our tour and played frisbee. Yeah, it's our new thing. For the record, Stonehenge is a windy, yet enlightening, place to frisbee. Good times.

Pics and more commentary (tons of both, tons!):


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