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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Borough Market

I was hungry on Friday. It happens from time to time. I happened to be near London Bridge, which also happens from time to time, and therefore near Borough Market, which is the biggest (apparently) and best (so they say) food market in Europe.

Yes, that is a man in a bowler hat, selling pies,
below a boar's head.

I apologize to everyone who has visited, because I didn't take you here. Even if you're not much of a foodie -- as I am not -- it's a ridiculous mixture of dead animals, tasty food and cliche traditional British Icons.

Didn't see anyone buy any of these,
but a lot of tourists took pics.

Whatever you want to eat, it's available -- from rabbits and pheasants to every kind of fish, including shark. A hundred types of cheese, bread varieties I've never heard of, vegetables and fruit that actually looked fresh. And more pies and tarts and fancy desserts than even I could imagine eating. But me, I had a burger. Because I'm creative that way.

Monkfish, apparently. Mmm, ugly.

One stall had a bunch of different types of fish. The lobsters were still alive, sitting on the ice. A clerk was explaining god knows what to two older ladies, and every few moments he would reach over and pick up an escaping lobster and put it back in its place, only to have it start crawling away again. One of the ladies looked absolutely horrified.

Those are some damn
big/expensive truffles.

During the week they sell to stores and restaurants apparently, but the weekend is set aside for the gourmet items for posh people. And, of course, tourists. I would like to know who walks into a market and walks out with truffles at a price of 1900 pounds a kilo, though.



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