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Monday, January 24, 2005

Back in the swing of things...

I finally left New Cross (the slightly dodgy area I live in) this past week, for the first time since my return. I haven't done much Londony-stuff at all, really, but went to a movie (Vera Drake--good but depressing) in Canary Wharf on Thursday and then into Knightsbridge (via an odd route that had us walk across London, because Elena's friend is claustraphobic on the Tube, but oddly, I think the trip might have actually been shorter...) to a pizza place that had live music. It was bloody expensive, for pizza, anyway, but it was a cool place. Apparently, after a few of us left (including myself) the party really got started and everyone was dancing on the tables and stuff.

On the upside, tho, being in central London reminded me (tho how I forgot I do not know) how much I like being in central London.

Also heard some live music on Friday night, at a pub down the road called the Amersham Arms. We've always avoided it because it seemed rowdy; everytime we walked past, there was singing and cheering... which, in hindsight, is a rather odd reason to be intimidated. Ooh, those scary people, singing traditional Irish folk songs! I bet they're real hardcore! Anyways, the band was exactly what you'd expect at any neighbourhood pub, anywhere in the world. A good pub tho, and has a late liscence, meaning it serves past 11, which pretty much takes it from being a good pub to a great pub.

Sunday, I wandered Greenwich Park some more, which was less fun as it was full of people. I'm not sure why I like my parks emptyish--you'd think I'd appreciate that other people like the same place as me--but I admit I was somewhat bothered by the hordes of families.

I did get to finally see some deer in the deer enclosure. There must have been thirty or so, all crowded together along the fence, which seriously reminds me of something out of Jurrassic Park. I kept picturing a giant deer head to peak over the top, a la the T Rex, which is a pretty silly image, considering the deer in question are about the size of a minature pony.

Anyways, it was kinda cool to sit and silently watch these furry little deer standing around silently watching us, but the herd moved on after one kid started yelling "Hey, that deers sniffing the other one's butt!"--which was entirely true, but rather loudly said, which only lead to laughter (damn children and their happy laughter!) and shouting--at which point the herd left. Not sure if they wandered away because of the noisy kids (that's why I left...) or if the whole butt-sniffing incident embarrased them.

I'd have pictures to post (not of butt-sniffing deer--well, yes, of the deer, but not of them sniffing) but I apparently brought the wrong USB cord with me... as the one I have in my bag doesn't fit my camera. So unless I (stupidly) brought both, that means I (even more stupidly) brought the one for my old camera. (I'm retarded at packing; I apparently left a brand new pair of jeans on my bed, too.) So, today, you get no visuals. Unless I can find a computer that'll take my memory card...

That's it. You--yes, you--should email me or comment or something. I--yes, me--would like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey NicHole,

I'm glad to hear you've found a pub that's open past 11. You'll have to find more before I come out of my bubble though. I figure 3 more should do it.



Blogger Ryan said...

I'm just glad to hear that you're not still finding more of those bizarre franchise pubs that we kept running into while I was there. It was like the movie Groundhog Day, but with less Bill Murray and more bad English restaurant food.



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