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Thursday, February 22, 2007

small world

The thing with Calgary is, despite the million people and the boom and all that, it's a small town. Having lived in the epitome of a big city for 2.5 years, I can attest to this. Calgary, for all it's world-class city aspirations, is a small town.

Still, it's a small town with reach.

Tonight, I was drinking on the budget of the University of Calgary. Believe it or not, they had an alumni event here. I'm not -- or wasn't, prior to this -- on the alumni list, not least because I'm not overly impressed with the school and because I hated what President Dr. Weingarten said at my convocation -- that grads owe their school, and should repay by donating via the alumni association. Yeah, well, suck it, Harvey -- I've paid enough to subsidize grad students, thanks. Not that he doesn't know my thoughts on um, him.

Still, when I was emailed (out of the blue, really) with details on the event, and realized it was being held down the street from my house, I couldn't pass it up.

Glad I didn't. Good times, and all that. Met some interesting people, too. One, is the cousin of a friend from junior high (Katie Wallace, for those of you from back then). The other -- damn, I nearly choked. Seriously. He gave me a weird look. The other is this dude named Adrian, who planned the event... and used to date the one and only Mary Chan back in high school. Mary, did I just meet your ex? Really? Is this true? Can it be?

Cause damn, that's funny. Upon realizing this rather striking coincidence, I started laughing, which prompted me to say: "This is only funny to anyone who knows Mary." At which point Adrian said: "I'm laughing too." I'm not sure we were laughing at the same thing, tho. Hell, I'm not even sure why the concept of Mary's ex is funny. But it is. God damn it, it is.


Blogger Mary said...

It is definitely weird that two people from very different parts of my life would bump into each other at an alumni event (which he of course organized). Not really funny to me, though. Guess you had to be there?


Blogger Nicole said...

I think what made me laugh was imagining the you of ten years ago, hooked up with this dude.

I just can't really picture you as a teenager.



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