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Monday, February 20, 2006

There... and back again

Minneapolis, noon (local time)

Just a few short, tho long seeming, days after arriving, i'm on my way back to London, evaluating internet facilities at American airports along the way. The system here sucks. The browser is hurting the Windows live mail beta I'm using for Hotmail, and won't let my blogger post function... so I'm cludgingly trying to email this to my blog. Hope it works.

Here for two hours. As Minneeeeeeeeeeapolis -- as I choose to say it -- is the capital of all that is Mall, what with Mall of America and all that, the shopping is pretty good. So gonna go do that now. See you in Detroit...

Detroit, 5:39pm (local time)

Well, the easy parts of my trip are over. Now, I've got fourish hours to kill in Detroit's airport, and then a long flight to Gatwick. I think Detroit would actually be cool to visit... I mean, between cars and Motown, I'm sure there's something to do. Hopefully, there's something to do in this airport, too. Otherwise, it's gonna be a loooooooong four hours, before my looooooooong last flight leg. Am I whining? Yes, yes I am. Deal with it.

I shouldn't whine tho. I'm not the only one I know -- or say, the only one in this airport -- facing long flights today. My grandfather is heading to Disneyland today, and Kate is heading to Tuvalu. Yes, Tuvalu. Home of the ".tv" domain and lots o' Spam... but the edible kind. (Well, the apparently edible kind.) That's all I know about Tuvalu.

In'ernet, as I tend to say it, access is better here. Pricey, but I can also order alcohol and food here, and can watch Olympics (at least we get one gold in hockey... Nice work, ladies... now, about the bunch of losers on the Men's team...).

Anyway, Detroit wins my Inaugural Annual USA Airport Internet Access Award. Go figure.


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