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Friday, December 08, 2006

Last Day!

In honor of my last day of work (here – I’m not retiring) I thought it’d be amusing to keep track of what I actually do (a la the classic Tony post).

9:15am – Arrive at work, say good morning to the building manager, admire the new Christmas tree in the foyer and then haul my bike up to the first floor. My “official” start time is 7am.

9:17am – Turn on computer, check email. Hotmail, not my work email. I forget to open Outlook most days. There's just no point.

9:20am – Change out of sweaty cycling clothes. Return to office and reply to emails, read some Fark, check blogs.

9:43am – Part-time guy Tom arrives. "Good Morning, Tom." His proper start time is 9am. Continue farting about on the internet. Read the BBC news site.

10:01am – Fire Drill. Go outside, stand awkwardly with people I sort of know, debate telling them it’s my last day.

10:02am – Go to shop instead. Buy lunch, painkillers.

10:10am - Return from shop. Make cup of tea. Have breakfast (rice krispies).

10:36am - Start working on my first of three pages (One, Two and Six). Pick a story from Reuters (use one about how much Baghdad sucks right now). Copy and paste it into word, spell check it, copy and paste it into layout program, cut it to fit, write headline/kicker, pick and drop in photo. Finish page.

10:52am - Start writing this. Check email again. Read more online news. Look up squash lessons in Calgary.

11:08am - Check Reuters, to see if anything new has happened. Pick stories to use as leads.

11:10am - Fiddle with Blogger some more. Switch over to their new Beta, which hopefully sucks less than their last version.

11:24am - Start working on other two pages. Change Page One layout. Drop in lead story (Oracle is buying something) and second story (German economy doesn't suck). Decide to flip their spots. Copy and paste German story into word; spellcheck and use find and replace for all formatting changes, so I don't actually have to read the story. Something about a trade surplus, according to the headline. Do same for Oracle story.

11:35am - Tell Tom which stories I took. This is the bulk of the conversation we'll have today: "Uh, probably just taking Oracle."

11:36am - Start working on the other blog.

11:47am - Go to toilet.

11:49am - Start working on Page Two. This is the news/politics page, so I like it. Running a story about Annan's comments on Sudan as the lead and an EU/Turkey story underneath.

12:12pm - Main stories are done. Trying to pick a front page photo, and then need to fill up the news briefs on both pages. Look at pictures of the damage the London tornado did yesterday.

12:24pm - Have snack.

12:37pm - Page Two is now done, and I've decided to run a photo of Australian fires on Page One. Two more spots to fill on Page One, and I'm done.

12:44pm - And... done. Now just need to proof Tom's stuff. Our deadline is in half an hour, so I think I'll get it in by then...

12:50pm - Done proofing and now exporting pages. Tom is almost finished too. Which means he gets to leave. Given it's my last day, I hope it's not awkward. I hope he doesn't try to shake my hand or something lame.

12:54pm - Just a quick "See ya Nicole," from Tom and he's out the door. Thank god. He may be quiet, but I give him credit for not being false. Time for lunch.

1:03pm - British sandwiches suck.

1:17pm - Buddy from Germany calls to tell me I can export the PDF. I now have nothing work-related left to do.

1:48pm - Finish my post for my other blog. Fax something to the new place of employment.

1:57pm - Clean out desk.

2:08pm - Go shopping. Not much else to do.

2:42pm - Back from shopping. Bought nothing other than a Starbucks Gingerbread latte (grande, skinny, no whipped cream).

2:52pm - Write leaving note to boss and coworker.

2:58pm - Check email. Change clothes. Get the hell out of here.

Yeah, that wasn't that interesting, was it?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your day needs more beer and TV.


Blogger Nicole said...

That was just the work related part. I had beer later. Not as much beer as you, but my days don't last for 36 hours.


Blogger Will said...

Mate, your RSS feed is fucked. Or my feed reader is fucked. Either way, something's fucked.



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