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Friday, April 08, 2005

Going to the Queen's house!

I was just emailed this:

Dear Ms Kobie

Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh will
be visiting Saskatchewan and Alberta at the end of May 2005. On May 3,
2005 there will be an evening reception (timing TBD, probably 6:30pm -
8:00pm) for the Canadian community at Buckingham Palace.  The dress code
is lounge suit (business attire).

Your name has been randomly selected to attend this reception.

Please provide me with your full mailing address including your full
name and salutation no later than Friday, April 8 so that a single
invitation from Buckingham Palace, with full details of the event, can
be posted to you. Please note that an invitation to this event is
non-transferable. If you are unable or do not wish to attend this event,
please advise me by Monday, April 11. 

All the best,

Leanne Dufault
Public Affairs
Canadian High Commission

Of course, I emailed back right away, telling the nice lady "yes." It's only her house, but cool none the less. One step closer to my dream--ha ha ha, yes I'm joking--of meeting the Queen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you are going to meet the Queen eh, don't do any thing to embarass the family name ok. Anyway, it
should be interesting.



Blogger Daorcey said...

That. Is so wicked!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,

I saw your Blog and thought you'd be interested in our online Policy eDiscussion on Canadian culture and know-how abroad. Below is the blurb I've been sending out to list serves and newsletters.

All the best,


Mark McLaughlin
eCommunications Strategist/Stratège de communications électroniques
Policy Planning/Planification des politiques
Foreign Affairs Canada/Affaires étrangères Canada

Dear Canadian Expatriates,

Foreign Affairs Canada is holding a series of eDiscussions on key foreign policy issues. The current international policy eDiscussion topic is “Showcasing Canadian culture and know-how abroad” and we are asking Canadians to consider the following questions:

- What role does Canadian culture and know-how play in our foreign policy?
- How might the government best promote Canadian talent and expertise in the world?

The eDiscussion is open from April 4 to May 6, 2005. Once completed a summary of the eDiscussion will be circulated to senior policy planners in the department.

A series of video interviews with various Canadians describing their experiences working and studying abroad are posted on the site to help stimulate debate. We also provide links to other resources to help frame this feature issue.

We'd like to invite you to add to the discussion at the Canadian International Policy Web site:


Blogger Nat said...

Wow, you're getting invitations left, right and center from all these high mucky mucks. You should totally write a feature on visiting the Queen's house and sell it to the highest bidder.


Blogger Expat said...

That is so exciting. What an amazing opportunity! Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Before I moved from Canada, we working on the plans for the Queen's visit to Saskatchewan. I am sad that I will miss it. :o(


Anonymous James! said...

That's wicked-awesome! Tell her James said hi. She'll know who you mean.


Blogger Nicole said...

Yeah, I promise not to embarass our family, michelle.

And yes, I'm gonna find out more about it, and then see if I can sell the story... we'll see.

And yeah--I'm beginning to wonder if I'm being stalked by Canadian foreign diplomats... they seem to know a lot about me, eh?



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