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Thursday, April 27, 2006

One snore over the cuckoo's nest

While I toiled -- toiled, people! -- at work yesterday, 3/4 of my family were off galavanting around London, visiting Buckingham Palace, and touring the National Gallery.

When I was finally released from my drudgery, I met up with them, had a few pints, had dinner in a crypt, and then went to see a play, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, "starring" Christian Slater.

My younger sister seemed a bit excited, as (according to her) she used to have a big crush on (the formerly) hunky Mr Slater, back when he was A-list, and young. Now he is neither, but she appreciated the nostalgia, I'm sure.

My parents didn't appreciate the play, however. While it didn't suck, it wasn't quite captivating enough to keep them awake, and both slept through parts of the first half. My dad even snored.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Slater was decent, though I have to admit when his character dies at the end, I really didn't care. And Alex Kingston (formerly of ER) was annoying half the time, and great the other half of the time, which was frustrating. And confusing.

And the guy who played the Big Chief -- he hasn't been in shitty movies or big-name television, so I don't know his name, nor (apparenlty) care to know his name -- did a very funny voice. Kind of like shitty old Westerns, where the injun speaks in toddler-English ("Me Tonto. You ugly.") in a grunty, gutteral tone. I don't think they were being ironic.

It was funny in parts tho, but doesn't deserve the awesome reviews it's had. The best part was Slater at the bows, motioning for the audience to give him a standing ovation... which they (mostly) reluctantly did. Sad. Very sad.

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Blogger Will said...

Yeah, someone else told me about Slater milking the applause like a thirsty baby.

And apparently, as well as hanging around outside for hours to sign autographs, when people started leaving, he followed them to the bus stop in a desperate attempt to garner even more "praise"!


Anonymous Peter said...

Diana thinks that you're a closet Hubbardite anyway.

Psychology be DAMNED!

Cruise be PRAISED!



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