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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Baby showered.

To mark the impending birth of the current occupant of my sister's womb, we had a baby shower down here in De Winton today -- the purpose of which seemed to be to literally shower her (or possibly drown her) in gifts.

Based on today's results, I predict one very spoiled child. Aside from the large piles of tiny clothes, stuffed animals and assorted other pastel-coloured presents, Amanda-and-the-baby (hyphenated as they, at the moment, remain one entity) were gifted a blanket with built-in simulated heartbeat, a tiny spa bath complete with "Victorian-styled" clawed feet, and a "Diaper Genie" which shrink-wraps dirty diapers for smell-less disposal. We really do live in a marvellous age.

Although the bulk of the shower was spent eating and watching my heavily-pregnant sister rip wrapping paper, we also played a few games. Natalie dominated, winning all three contests. She's either on a lucky streak or just genuinely good at counting q-tips, naming baby animals and guessing belly circumference -- useful skills, each of them...

More photos are here.

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