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Friday, September 01, 2006


This is the short version.

Exhaustion. Frustration. Rage. These were emotions I was feeling last night.

After several weeks of flathunting, I finally found a gorgeous room in this woman's two-bedroom apartment. Along the river, with amazing views, and yet somehow still in my price range, I was ecstatic when she called me and said I could live with her.


Yesterday was move-out day. After a monster-day-from-hell packing and cleaning, the van company who were to move my stuff called to tell me their vehicle broke down. They had another, but not for hours -- more hours than they even realized. Over four hours later, the guy called me to say he'd be there soonish.

But this was just too much for my to-be-flatmate to take. Having to wait, a few hours for me, no, that was asking too much. She had wanted to go the gym, don't you know?

So after a phone conversation that included her saying "You're not being attentive enough to my feelings," well that was it. No flat for me.

And then, finally, the van showed up.

So now I'm staying at Dan's place, until I find a flat (I shudder at the thought of doing more flathunting) or he gets sick of me and dumps me. Feel free to start a pool on which happens first... I won't be anger. I used it alllllllll up yesterday.



Anonymous Tony said...

I think this was a blessing in disguise. If that chick got all bent out of shape because of that, then imagine what she'd be like to live with. Yikes.


Blogger Nicole said...

yeah, totally true. Sucks moving in with random people, tho it always seems to work with you... I need to find a house share like your old one.


Blogger Mary said...

I agree with Tony. This was definitely a bullet dodged. Good luck with the continued flat hunting.


Blogger Nicole said...

Amusingly, crazy lady has since reposted the advert for the place, at a slightly higher price.

hmmm... so that's what it was all about?


Anonymous Peter said...


The more you pay, the more you get to cater to crazy ladies' needs.

Indeed, a bullet well dodged!



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