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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After a several hour shopping excursion on Friday -- why would someone try to sell a bike with flat tires? Why? -- I finally found a new (ie, second hand) bike to replace stolen Sally:

You may not be able to see from the photo, but yes, it is purple with sparkly blue bits... Any name suggestions?

And today, I rode my sparkly bike to work. My legs feel a little wobbly, but the ride took the same amount of time as the tube, was much cheaper, and left me less sweaty. Yeah, the tube is gross in summer...


Anonymous Peter said...

How about Prince?


Anonymous Diana said...



Blogger Nicole said...

Ha! You guys are full of ideas. I think it's a girl tho. For some reason, my bikes are always girls. It's a Raleigh brand, and an Amazon model. Not sure where to go from there...


Anonymous Peter said...

An Amazon?

Well, this is neat.

Diana Prince was the secret identity of Wonder Woman, who, of course, is an amazon.

Does this help?


Anonymous Peter said...

How about Jayne? (as in Mr. Cobb of Firefly)

It's a female-ish (is that a word?) name.



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