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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Of all the things I could have done last Saturday in London -- galleries! music! alcohol! -- I chose to go see some weird "family friendly" war-themed exhibition in Chelsea.

Why? It was called Horses in War. (My brain: ponyponyponyponypony, ect.)

Pretty well, it consisted of:
  • a few horses, looking bored;
  • some stalls we didn't look at;
  • a camel and a mule -- neither of which are horses;
  • a tank -- also not a horse;
  • a beer stall -- thank god;
  • jousting.

Tho the last bullet point there only lasted about 7 minutes, it was by far the most entertaining... aside from the beer. Video goodness:

More photos -- of the still variety -- are here.

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