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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas in Calgary, photographically

A few pictures -- hey, it's better than me rambling, right?

Looking out the back door
The view from the back windows of my parent's De Winton house.
They've seen deer and moose back there; I've heard coyotes.
Not bad for a golf course.


Christmas morning
Is my dad rather too excited to be getting a box of socks?

Michelle and her Bunny
My Grandfather bought her a frighteningly life-like stuffed rabbit.
Made with real rabbit? Who knows...

High Roller!
Brandon and one of two poker sets he was gifted with that day.

Lap dog
Can't even put the puppy down to unwrap gifts...

Preggers and me and Calgary
View of downtown -- and the mountains, if you squint --
from the parking lot of the Max Bell arena

Brandon's brother's team at the midget tournament.
No, that doesn't mean he's short.

My British friends, this is a zamboni,
in case it ever comes up in conversation again.

Action shot
Richard (little brother of Brandon) on the ice.

Action shot #2
Daorcey in action, with a perogy, after more beer
and vodka than he can usually take.

That's a lot of pictures. Sorry if you've got dialup -- but damn, get with the now, man!

Edit: Blogger did weird things to the photos. They've been reposted...

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Blogger Daorcey said...

"after more beer and vodka and he can usually take."

Which isn't saying much.


Blogger Nicole said...

Well... no. It isn't saying much. But (thanks to your job?) your tolerance is getting much higher... Not like it could get lower, but whatever.



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