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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hotel Nicole, pt2

Yesterday, 3/4 of my family arrived (parents, and the younger sister) for a visit in London... which means I'm camping again, only this time, it's in the living room, because they've taken over my lovely bedroom. Sigh...

I met them yesterday post-work in Trafalgar Square, and we wandered around, had a pub dinner on the Southbank, took a convoluted bus route (oops...) to Oxford Street and Regents Street, and then walked around Picadilly Circus and down to Leisceter Square...

...where everyone's favourite actor, the midgety Scientologist Tom Cruise was working the crowd ahead of the premiere of Mission: Impossible 3. We didn't get to see him with our own eyes; he and his adoring fans were behind tall security fences. We had to watch on a big screen, which is probably good -- who knows, maybe Tommy boy is like the Medusa of Scientology... you look at him directly and start to worship L Ron Hubbard? Or maybe they were worried Cruise would try to escape their Scientologist clutches? Naah...

A very nice man tried to lift me up on his shoulders... you can imagine how well that worked out. I suppose it's a good thing people think I weigh less than I do, but yeah, he could have really hurt himself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diana thinks you're a closet Hubbardite.
Cruise be praised!

Peter S.



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