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Sunday, October 17, 2004

And, how was your weekend? (Ed. 3)

This weekend, my friend Ryan was in town, so we did the touristy thing. After picking him up at 7am at Victoria Coach Station (and good lord, I'm no longer used to getting up so early!) we walked along the river up to Westminster Palace, then along St James' Park, where we toured Churchill's War Bunkers (I've got photos on the SLR, so will write about that when I get them back), and Trafalgar Square. We went for lunch (and I'll rant about the British Pub Conspiracy later) and then back to my place so he could nap... and I could do his laundry. Right.

Went out for dinner and pubbing after, and then met up with Genevive and Anne.

The next day, we went to the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham, which was exactly how I expected, but then again, I'm not a monarchist. I think I need to tour the stables, so that way I'll have something nice to say about the place. After that, we took a boat tour down the thames, which was great, but I'll get into that when I get the photos back. And, we went to the National Gallery, b/c I love that place.

Then, more pubbing, before sending him off to the tube station to find his way back to Edinburgh to catch his flight.

For photos of the weekend, go here:

I've also taken some photos of my school, finally:

This week in school, I'm doing a TV unit for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm basically in class 10-5 every day until Thursday, except Monday, when we have shorthand at 8:30am... If I get time, I still owe posts on: the National Gallery, the boat trip, the British Pub Conspiracy, the Tube...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Ryan carrying a manpurse in the Tower of London photo?



Blogger Nicole said...

HA ha ha! No, not a man purse. Just a bag from something he bought, that looks deceptively manpurseish.




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