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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rainy days.

Sadly, London's back to raining again. I enjoyed the nice sunny days; I guess it was only a matter of time 'til it started getting dreary again.

To try to enjoy the over-too-quick sunshine, Anne and I went into the city yesterday. The plan was to shop a bit (apparently, there were big sales on. Didn't find much tho) and then head to the National Gallery. Post-shopping we had a sandwich at Carnaby Street (the same sandwich shop we went to on our very first outing, back in September), and Anne discovered the shop didn't have bathrooms. After questioning the legality--and moreover, the morality--of this, we wandered down the road to a pub, figuring we'd have a beer, let Anne pee, (not in that order) and then head to the Gallery.

A couple beer later, another pub later, and it was clear we weren't heading to the gallery. In fact, I'm sure at this point, we couldn't find the gallery--and it's a big building next to a 50ft column with a (statue of a) naval officer at the top.

But good times either way. So I spent today learning html--yes, kids, this is how to make text bold, or hey, how about italics! Whee! Such fun. They guy teaching it is really nice, and tries really hard, but it's just really dull. On top of that, I somehow switched my contacts, so I had the wrong prescription in each eye, so things were blurry.

So the point is this: over the past two days, I shopped, drank, sat in front of a computer boredly, and gave myself a headache. Do I need to be in London to do this? No. Is it somehow better, all this, because I'm in London? --Now that's a question I really don't want to think too hard about, y'know?

Aside to Tony: Actually, there's lots of bars/clubs open late--one apparently until 8am, as retarded as that is. And, the government is trying to battle binge drinking by allowing pubs to stay open as long as they want (which makes no sense, but whatever). Starting September next year, assuming no one talks them out of it, you could theoretically drink publically 24 hours a day. So... I'll see you in September?

Edit: go here, and read, and then laugh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

September eh? We might be able to swing that. August might be better though. It all depends on how many vacation days Meru can save up by then. Mel was saying she wants to come too. She would stay in London while Meru and I rip it up in Ireland.



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