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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Kensington Gardens

After finishing up the paper Friday, I met up with Anne in Kensington. (I'd planned to head out with her that morning, but, once again, the paper wasn't finished, so I stuck around to help finish up. I'm glad there're only two more weeks to go...)

Kensington High Street is a good place for shopping, as it has some good discount designer stores, as well as all the "High Street" stores, as they're called, that one would find in the other shopping areas. Right now, with the Christmas shopping rush, areas like Oxford and Regent's Street are really busy, so we thought we'd try somewhere else.

After a bit of shopping we wandered into Kensington Gardens, which is a large park next to Hyde Park. It's home to the Peter Pan statue, which I still haven't seen, as well as a large number of very friendly swans. For pictures, go here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one posts, but we do read... just want to let you know.



Blogger Nicole said...

That's good to know! However, I'm am giving you a lot to read today...



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