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Saturday, March 03, 2007

BT Tower

I had lunch 158 meters above London yesterday -- try not to think too hard about it, Natalie. I attended a BT-sponsored report launch in the BT Tower, which is rather handily just down the block from my office, and had lunch in their 34th-floor rotating restaurant.
Not my picture.
The cool thing about the invite is that's the only way to get into the tower, as it's been closed since the seventies after a bomb attack. The tower itself is, according to Wikipedia, 188 meters/620 feet tall, if you include all the aerial shiznit at the top.
Also not my photo.
Anyway, it was a nice sunny day, so we could see pretty much all of London. I made the "I can see my office from here" joke a few times -- which is funny only because my office is about half a block away.
I've had some nice views of London lately. Flew in from Prague (that post to come, um, tomorrowish) on Thursday night (very, very tired) and for some reason or another, the pilot took us on a loop over London. Wish I'd had my camera handy, but really, I couldn't have captured it properly -- the whole city, laid out like that, all sparkly and glittery. Very pretty.



Anonymous Chris Green said...

The restaurant at the top of the BT Tower is awesome. Still the best view in London IMHO.

Did they manage to turn on the revolving mechanism while you were there? (they are quite reluctant to do it as it is very unreliable, but great when it works)



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