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Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween and Fireworks

End of October is always a fun time in London, not so much because they're big on Halloween here (they're not) but because the local neighbourhood children make it sound like a freaking war zone, setting off fireworks constantly.

But while the UK is only just growing in affection for the whole Halloween thing, I'm somewhat of a long-time fan (as those of you who know me know, I put a little too much effort in.) That said, I haven't had a proper Halloween here yet. The first year, we did a Jack the Ripper walking tour. The second year, I was at a party, but I had about three minutes to throw a costume together, so while the party was good, my costume kind of sucked. And then the next year... another walking tour.

This year, though, we had a proper party at the flat. I couldn't decide what to be, not least because we'd originally planned a Mexican-themed party earlier in the month, and I was having some issues combining themes. In the end, I dressed up as a murdered tourist -- I think it worked pretty well. Lots of blood, socks with sandals, and even a fanny pack/bum bag. Good times. (More photos here.)

Party was good -- we had our own fireworks that night, and lets just I learned two things. 1) I shouldn't be trusted with these things. 2) The neighbour's garden is not half as flamable as it looks.

Then, later that week, we had a party for work at some hot-shit club. The theme was Saints and Sinners, so I went dressed as a devil in a blue dress -- not that anyone got the reference. I also dyed my hair red, just temporarily mind you, but liked it so much it's now semipermanent.

Anyway, good times. I'm off to another fancy dress/costume party this Friday -- starting to get kind of sick of them, y'know? Not unlike the fireworks, lighting up the sky outside my window...

Went to a fireworks display over the weekend, all part of the Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes thing. They didn't burn parliament in effigy, but there was indeed a bonfire (no naked chanting and dancing around it, which would have been fun or something) and fireworks. Some more pictures here.

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