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Sunday, March 04, 2007


So last week, I spent three days in Prague -- not instead of work, but as work. Yeah, sucks, eh? Unlike with Amsterdam, I actually got to see quite a bit of the city, which is very pretty.

Not unlike most European cities, it has an old town, lots o'churches and a castle. It also features cheap beer (no wonder Bailey liked it) and a crazy-ass bridge with massive religious statues (the view seen in the panoramic above -- thanks autostich! -- is that bridge on the left and the castle/church on the right).

The first day I wandered along the river, crossed the Charles Bridge and then climbed up to the castle, which is more a bunch of palace-type buildings set around a massive gothic cathedral -- like Notre Dame wrapped in Versailles.

The next day, I was trapped in the hotel listening to the wonders of virtual networks -- which I've got to say actually is a business model which rather makes a lot of sense, but I won't bore you with the details. We then had the usual dinner and drinks, which is exactly how you'd imagine it: tasty and drunk. I won't bore you with the details on that, either.

The third day, after peeling myself out of bed and my contacts off my eyes -- gotta stop falling asleep with them in, cause it really doesn't feel great -- I set off in the general direction of the Old Town Square, got lost (as I tend to do), went shopping (as I tend to do), and then found the Old Town Square:

I then realized I'd lost my bank card and frantically used another journalist's mobile to sort that out -- I'm sure he thinks I'm an idiot, as I couldn't figure out how to use his phone, and I'm a technology journalist, so yeah. Not impressive on my part.

No more work travel planned for the moment, so next up is Paris with DarNat... again. Daorcey better let me eat this time or I'm going to send his office photos of Captain Obvious...

More pictures here and some random video of a clock tower going off here. Oh -- and the Czechs drink Kubik juice. Nasty.

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