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Thursday, May 17, 2007


So I've spent the last few days in Miami. And by Miami, I mean a suburb-ish place called Doral, at a resort called, appropriately, the Doral Resort.

This was all for a conference -- I was working, a'ight? -- about image capture/digital documents.
I flew in on Sunday and arrived completely exhausted -- not a surprise given a rather violent lack of sleep and a delayed transatlantic flight. After having dinner (fantastic red snapper, so good) with fellow journos/PRs/analysts, I crashed in my room.

The next few days pretty well consisted of going to sessions, sneaking away to the pool, and drinking with random people. Not bad, although I never actually left the resort -- no trip to Art Deco South Beach for me.

Although the weather was a bit shite -- they got the rain they've been needing -- it was natuarlly a billion times better than London. I may actually have gotten a bit of a tan...

Anyway, while I would have been quite happy to spend the next few days bumming around South Beach -- which I never got to see -- I then flew off to Seattle/Bellevue, for a Microsoft thingy...

More photos here.

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