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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sporting fun

I don't know what it is about sports events in England -- they're just not very sport. My first summer out here, I went to go see the Royal Ascot horse race (held in York owing to renos). I expected it to be like any big race day at the tracks I worked at -- bigger purses, but still the same shit.

I was wrong. I was so under-dressed I need to borrow clothes from Emily just to get in. And I'm not sure I saw a horse running at any point during the day. Tho I did some some horsey-looking British women in stupid hats...

see... boats!

Anyway, over the weekend I went to watch the annual Cambridge-Oxford boat race. And by "watch the race" I mean "sit in the sun, drinking beer, and never see any damn boats." I can't remember who won.

On the upside, Shannon likes hockey too...

Maybe I need to stop watching such posh sports (Go Flames Go! Thank god for the Maple Leaf pub) and get tickets to football or, I don't know, bear-baiting. Is that still legal here?

Public drinking with crazy locals -- Welcome to England.

Either way, I bet everyone's drunk. I think drinking might be England's national sport... And no, that's no complaint.

Photos from Shatrick!


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