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Friday, June 22, 2007

Moving on...

I just sneezed, and it sounded very metallic against my laptop. How weird. Anyway, this is the month-between-posts update. It's time I reentered the blogosphere -- is it like entering a pool or a hot tub? Should I go slowly and wait until my body adjusts to the metaphorical temperature? Or should I just dive right in?

Well, I'm a wee bit on the tipsy side -- happy birthday Jerry! -- so I shall dive right in.

I have not posted of late because the things which have coloured my life lately are the type of things one tends not to post about, if one is me and on this medium tends toward the unmeaningful as opposed to the things which matter, at least when it comes to negatives. I could have posted, but that seemed to be tempting fate and my luck has run much too short -- like a creek in a drought, an empty dry bed -- of late, so I've refrained.

This string of painful events started with me getting knocked off my bike and biting the cement. Where it ends I cannot say, but I hope that point has passed. I've spent too much time on the phone to insurance agents and police and upset family, and spent too much time in dentist offices and funerals and hospitals and in bed staring at the ceiling trying very hard not to think before sleep hits and hopefully stays for a good eight hours this time.

It's just a bit too much, some of it clearly a minor irritation compared to other losses, some of it blown out of proportion by me as that's what I do, but just when I think it's about to turn around, that I'm about to have some luck or some compensation, then no, the gods of the universe, the powers that be, frown upon me sternly you shall not have what you want before going to the shop for cigarettes.

Well, there's a smoking ban soon, so fuck that shit. Am I rambling, nonsensically? Shall I post some photos instead? Okay.

So: Whilst in Van, we drove out to White Rock, one of my favourite places in the world. Laidback and pretty, what more could anyone want? More pics here.

And while on the subject of things which are beachfront and pretty, here's some pics from Lyme, which I'm yet to post about. It's like White Rock, but literary. More pics here.

And on the subject of things which make me happy, MaeMae! Sooooooooo cute.

So. After this weekend, I am off to Dresden for work. A city bombed out and rebuilt -- sounds like my kind of town...

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Blogger Nat said...

Of the photos in Lyme Regis, #14 of you and Mary looks really good. And Maella looks seriously pissed whilst in that purple chair. I don't blame her.

And a smoking ban is good news, right? The bars here are way better.


Blogger Nicole said...

yeah, I'm looking forward to the smoking ban. That way I can drink without smelling. Of cigarettes, anyway.

And no, Mae loves the bumble chair. She likes being able to sit up on her own, I think. It looks comfy...


Blogger Mary said...

I think it's adorable that Maella is still small enough to fit on the kitchen counter, under the cabinets, while in her chair. Oh, my uterus.


Blogger Joie said...

it may be just me, but this post lost me.. not sure about some.. or most of what you were talking about, but I'll blame it on the comment, slightly intoxicated... I'm sure that had something to do with it...



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